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Fellowship Story Showcase

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As part of the Center for Health Journalism Fellowship, journalists work with a senior fellow to develop a special project. Recent projects have examined health disparities by ZIP code in the San Francisco Bay Area, anxiety disorders and depression in the Hispanic immigrant community in Washington state, and the importance of foreign-born doctors to health care in rural communities.

In addition to Noozhawk's prescription drug series, projects include Monterey County nutrition and Los Angeles County transportation

Thanks to this year's California Endowment Health Journalism Fellowships, professional hyperlocal news outlets have added new insights and perspectives to their reporting on health issues.

A special report on what happens to Santa Barbara's homeless after hospital visits

Journalist-blogger Isabelle Walker provides an in-depth look at what happens to homeless people who get seriously ill. Where can they go to recover?

Convincing pharmaceutical companies to accept return of unused drugs is among initiatives agencies are pursuing

Because of San Francisco’s pharmaceutical dropoff pilot program, residents can now dispose of their medicines — for free — at 16 pharmacies and five police stations in the city. 

Psychologist says school is committed to leading community dialogue on challenges, solutions

Addressing an issue as complex as prescription drug abuse among elderly adults starts with educating the public.

School's clinical psychology programs provide training, resources — and thousands of hours of volunteer time

Antioch University Santa Barbara has long been committed to understanding addiction and developing methods to effectively treat it. Three programs prove the point.

How U.S. News could hail Parkland in midst of its woes

So how can a hospital be judged so deficient by federal inspectors, yet rank among the best in U.S. News & World Report?

It's all in the methodology.


To identify rates of potentially preventable medical harm, The Dallas Morning News  analyzed nearly 9 million patient-level records from hospitals across Texas.

Consumers encouraged to get rid of their medications at Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department drop-off boxes

What do you do if you want to properly dispose of expired or unused prescription medications? It’s not the easiest thing to do here.

Counselor says rising anxiety levels, emergence of prescription medications add to risks students face

With an increase in anxiety and stress, counselor Lacey Johnson said she has seen a rise in the use and mixture of powerful and dangerous substances among some students at UCSB.



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